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NPP D&D Technology Fusion Research Center

Goal of Center

  • At the NPP D&D Technology Fusion Research Center, we collaborate with universities and research institutes with expertise in Korea for the core technology of decommissioning engineering technology, decommissioning waste treatment technology, and decommissioning site restoration, which determines 30% to 40% of decommissioning costs, based on original sources. The goal is to develop the technology, train the professional manpower required for the dismantling industry, and build the infrastructure for the related industry.


Background and Necessity

  • Establishment of foundation for R&D and commercialization of remote decommissioning technology, radioactive waste decontamination technology, deregulated waste recycling technology, and nuclear power plant site purification technology for permanently shutting down nuclear power plants.
  • Review and analysis of technology required for decommissioning lay the foundation for decontamination technology for nuclear power plant decommissioning, and build a network based on decontamination and decommissioning core technology.


Research Field

  • Monitoring of low-level radioactivity in groundwater to restore site environment.
  • Assessment and reduction of NPP decommissioning risk using the probabilistic cognitive technique.
  • Nanocomposite manufacturing and treatment process for difficult-to-treat decontamination waste solution.
  • Next-generation self-propelled micromotor technology for selective removal of radionuclides.



  • During the decontamination process, it is used to monitor the leakage of pollutants at the site and to monitor the spread of radioactive contaminants in the mid-to-long-term after the environmental restoration of the dismantling site.
  • By applying human error assessment technology using the probabilistic cognitive technique, the safety of nuclear power plant decommissioning is enhanced and used as basic data to effectively explain safety to stakeholders.
  • By securing the next-generation radioactive waste treatment technology based on the self-propelled micromotor, it can be applied as a high-radioactive dismantling waste and groundwater restoration technology.
  • Directly utilized in the development of the decontamination and dismantling industry through technical exchanges between organizations related to decontamination and nurturing professional manpower by providing educational opportunities.