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Intern program

The RAMDA lab is always looking for research interns, and you can experience various programs as follows.

If you would like to apply for an internship, please refer to the ‘Contact us’ tab.


List of Programs

  • Environmental radiation sample┬ápreparation and equipment utilization analysis experience for gamma, beta, tritium, strontium, and radiocarbon (high-purity germanium detector, liquid scintillation counter, low background alpha/beta counting system)
  • Study and practice detection system principles for monitoring radioactive contamination (combined beta/gamma detector for groundwater monitoring, scintillation detector for contaminated soil monitoring)
  • Assistant and tour of the high-temperature compression process experiment at the HIP of the completed solidified body from the production of solidified sludge through metal melting
  • Experience in calculating the exposure dose of radiation workers using a computing program (VISPLAN, MCNP)
  • Monte Carlo simulation basic training for radiation instrument setup (MCNP, GEANT4)
  • Participate in on-site performance evaluation and demonstration of transport and storage container prototypes
  • Public dose assessment study using the computing tool (MATLAB)
  • Radiation evaluation of structures around the core through computational simulation of a nuclear reactor using a computing program (MCNP)