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The Future Nuclear Environment Safety Research Center

Goal of Research

  • Establishment of fast and accurate technology for environmental radiation measurement and radiation analysis, securing the safety of the residents of Ulsan and the local radiation environment.


Background and Necessities

  • Demand for monitoring and analysis of environmental radiation impact due to nuclear power.
  • plant concentration in the southern part of Ulsan Metropolitan City.
  • It is necessary to evaluate the radiation impact on the Ulsan metropolitan area located between the Kori and Wolsong nuclear power plants.
  • It is necessary to analyze/research the characteristics of the radiation environment by TENORM (Technically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) that can be generated from various industries and industrial facilities.
  • Established a bridgehead for exporting environmental radiation analysis operation technology by accumulating radiation monitoring technology experience for the Shin-Kori nuclear power plant, which is the same age as the UAE export nuclear power plant
  • After the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in Japan, there is a need for professional and systematic research to share accurate information on environmental radiation and to establish the reliability of radiation safety for local residents and the surrounding environment.
  • Research on the advancement of radiation/performance measurement and analysis technology for the environment around nuclear power plants, agricultural and fishery products, industrial products, air, water quality, and soil is essential.
  • Establishment of domestic and international research bases for environmental radiation analysis and evaluation technology.

Research Field

  • Environmental Radiation Monitoring Measurements
  • Environmental radiation analysis
  • Environmental and decommissioning radiation safety
  • Radiation measurement system development


Research Execution Plan (5 years)

  • 2020: Establishment and maintenance of research facilities such as advanced radiation measurement equipment
  • 2021: Advancement of radionuclide analysis technology generated by nuclear power plant operation
  • 2022: Development of trace radiation detection and analysis technology
  • 2023: Radiation monitoring and radiation analysis of the environment around the nuclear power plant
  • 2024: Nuclear decommissioning radiation monitoring and safety evaluation