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Environmental Radiation Safety

In the environmental radiation area, the determination of conduct analysis and characterization of radiation effect from various sources on human and environment is the main topic. Research covers radiation monitoring systems for the environmental and artificial radiation, shielding materials, radioactive radon and other various fields. The nuclide recognizing prompt environmental radiation level distribution quick monitoring system based on geography and radionuclide is needed for the future nuclear accident. Also increased resolution for x-ray radiography tools can give radiation protectoral benefits since it makes it possible to use the low level of radiation source due to its higher resolution in the same energy source. Develope the in-situ beta ray detector with optic-fiber to measure the depth distribution of beta-ray emitting radionuclide in the soil after D&D

Liquid Metal Magnetohydrodynamic

The research is focused on the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) analysis and experimental characterization for the liquid metal transportation in fast reactor and nuclear fusion reactor for the future green energy. Among the various MHD applications, ongoing R&D on rectangular and helical DC conduction electromagnetic pumps and ALIP (Annular Linear Induction electromagnetic Pump)